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IKIGAI Assessments is a modern and high-quality personnel assessment partner. We provide reliable psychological information to support your hiring decisions and people development.

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IKIGAI Assessments

IKIGAI Assessments a high-quality and modern personnel assessment partner. We aim at developing the field of psychological assessments to meet the needs of contemporary working life. Instead of assessing aptitude, we investigate the fit between the candidate and the position, benefiting also the candidate.

We are psychologists with strong background and expertise in the field of personnel assessment – we have done over 1500 assessments for various organizations and industries. After working also in HR and other occupational psychology positions, we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of different clients as well as employees.

According to the Ikigai philosophy, people are at their best when their strengths and motivation factors meet with the requirements of their work. When people are able to use their strengths in their work and are motivated by what they do, they are also likely to succeed well.


Our Services

Personnel assessments

Using personnel assessment in recruitment helps you in making the best hiring decision. Multi-method psychological personnel assessment has been established as the most reliable way to predict person’s performance. Personnel assessments can also be used in people development.


Even experienced recruiters might have a hard time in objective candidate evaluation and attracting the best candidates. We provide trainings and workshops to develop your recruitment – contact us and let’s discuss what kind of a training suits the best for your needs.



We use modern technologies and psychological test methods that allow us to conduct personal assessment flexibly and reliably. We specialize in assessing competencies that predict success in modern work cultures.


We know that in most fields, the job market is candidate driven. This is why we focus on providing rewarding and reciprocal assessment experience for the candidate.


We use evidence-based assessment methods and ensure reliability of our conclusions by assessing each competence using multiple methods. All of our assessments are conducted by licenced psychologists who hold certificates in psychological personnel assessment.

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Our office is in Helsinki, but we provide assessment services in a flexible manner all over Finland. Contact us and let’s discuss what kind of service suits the best for your needs!


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