IKIGAI Assessments

We started IKIGAI Assessments from our willingness to combine the quality of traditional personnel assessments with agile and candidate oriented approach.

Where did it all started?

We, the founders of IKIGAI, met while working as psychologist consultants in large recruitment agencies. We often found ourselves wondering how personnel assessments and recruitments could be carried out by combining scientific and ethical approach from our psychologist background with the needs of contemporary work. We started our company from this vision – from our willingness to carry out recruitments and personnel assessments in a way that combines in-depth and quality approach and agile, candidate oriented implementation.

Ikigai refers to the fit between individual and his or her environment. People thrive at best in a job and organizational culture that fits their strengths and motivational factors. Instead of assessing the candidate focusing only on the things that are relevant from the employer’s point of view, we emphasize in our recruitments the fit between the candidate´s characteristics and the applied position.


Based on the feedback we have received, we have succeeded in our aim to offer added value both to the recruiting companies and to candidates. Both our clients and candidates have been very satisfied with our services! Our clients have thanked us particularly for the prompt service, thoroughness and the added value that we have given to support their recruitment decisions. Our candidates, on the other hand, have been pleased with the flexible options of participating in the assessment and recruitments and the opportunities to learn more about themselves.

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As we grow, we regularly offer interesting job opportunities.
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Our IKIGAI Assessments Team: Mayling, Elina & Inka



The way we conduct personnel assessments and coachings is humane: in our work we take concern not only for of our client companies business legalities, but also for individual needs, natural tendencies, and factors of occupational well-being. We acknowledge that the well-being of a work community also enhances productivity. In our work, we encounter candidates or coaching individuals humanely and individualistically.


Our team consists of psychologist consultants, who have diverse competences in psychological assessments and occupational health psychology. We dive individualistically into a client company’s situation, business, and needs while bringing occupational psychology knowledge to support the company’s management. In our personnel assessments and coachings, we utilize researched psychometrical assessment methods that give objective and reliable information about an individual’s natural ways of working and personality traits.


We found Ikigai on the basis of wanting to renew the field of personnel assessments by making the utilization of personnel assessments flexible and adding value to not only to the client company but also to the candidate. In our field, we operate as trendsetters of an assessment method that is candidate oriented and strengthens the client’s employer brand. We develop our company and our ways of working continually while listening to our clients. We offer our occupational psychology expertise also to support the development and growth of our client companies.

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