Our consultants

We are consultants with strong background and expertise in the field of personnel assessment and recruitment. After working also in HR and other occupational psychology positions, we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of different clients as well as employees.

Inka Malmberg-Rajaniemi

Co-Founder, psychologist consultant
inka@ikigai-assessments.fi | 0409352601

I am a psychologist with a strong occupational psychology focus. My core competence is psychological personnel assessment, which I have worked with for several years. In addition, I have gained work experience as an occupational health psychologist and HR specialist. Through these positions, I have had the privilege to been able to consider recruitments and their successes from a variety of different viewpoints.

The most motivating thing in my work as an assessment consultant is the opportunity to use my expertise to support the client in making fitting hiring decisions. I am also motivated by helping candidates in strengthening their self-reflection, as well as hearing different career stories. I find my work as an assessment consultant versatile and inspiring, and I get to use my strengths in it.

Elina Suutarinen

Elina Suutarinen

Co-Founder, psychologist consultant
elina@ikigai-assessments.fi | 0400784091

I am a psychologist with a strong talent acquisition and personnel selection background. My core competence is in psychological personnel assessment which I have worked with for several years. I have also worked in one of the leading organizations in the field as an talent acquisition and employer branding specialist, focusing especially on management level recruitments and developing quality assessment methods and candidate oriented recruitment practices.

In my work as an assessment consultant, I am most motivated by applying psychological knowledge to business and acting as the client’s partner. Learning from different industries and organization cultures and hearing unique career stories inspires me daily. Our way of conducting assessments is aligned with my own values as I get to support both the employer and the candidate and provide quality information to help essential decision making.


Senior consultant
sanni@ikigai-assessments.fi | 040 738 8031

I am recruitment, talent acquisition and headhunting specialist experienced in various industries. I really enjoy being a part of developing meaningful work and my mission is to help our clients to find the best experts and people to succeed in their careers. My core competences are; recruiting, talent acquisition, headhunting, talent attraction, executive search, candidate experience, employer branding and experience, career coaching, project management and development.

I am driven by a genuine interest towards people and organizations. I dedicate myself to every assignment and every client and candidate are equally important to me. I am positive, efficient and solution-oriented partner for clients in all themes related to recruitment. I want to enable important encounters between people and organizations.

Senior consultant.


mayling@ikigai-assessments.fi | 0505519766

I am a generalist, oriented in educational sciences. As a coordinator, I am responsible for the smooth process of personnel assessments. In addition, I am the contact person for the candidates. Studies in General and Adult Education have deepened my understanding of people. To me, providing quality and personalized service is important and my strong customer service experience in large organizations has laid a good foundation for it. My kind and energetic way of working ensures fluent cooperation.

As a bilingual, I have always been interested in different cultures. Half of my relatives are from China, so I consider both Helsinki and Shanghai close to my heart. In Shanghai I enjoy the company of my relatives and the bustle of the big city and in Helsinki I enjoy the beautiful nature and the tranquility of everyday life.

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