Our coachings, based in knowledge of occupational psychology, help strengthen the team members´ self-knowledge, utilize the diverse strengths of the team, and develop the team functionality.

In our coachings, we utilize popular and extensively studied Workplace Big Five personality inventory. The team coaching provides information about team’s different personality traits and their affect in work. 

The team coaching is divided in two parts. First, we discuss with each team member about their personality profile in a separate coaching session to strengthen the self-knowledge. Numerous studies have shown that strong self-reflection predicts success in both specialist and leadership positions. Understanding one’s own motivation factors and natural tendencies helps in modifying working style and thus increases the ability to work in flexible manner in the different situations at work.

Team coachings
Team coachings.

In the second part of the training, we examine profiles with the whole team. Sharing the individual personality profiles helps in gaining understanding about each other and the different ways of working. Deeper understanding about team members unique strengths and drivers prevents misunderstandings and supports good collaboration.

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