Personnel assessments

Psychological personnel assessment provides comprehensive and reliable information about person’s motivations, strengths and development areas in relation to the applied position and organizational culture. Using personnel assessment in recruitment helps in making the best hiring decision – multi-method psychological personnel assessment has been established as the most reliable way to predict person’s performance. Personnel assessments can also be used in people development.

Identify the most suitable candidate

Using personnel assessment in recruitments helps in identifying the most suitable candidate by gaining information about candidates’ motivations, strengths and development areas in relation to the applied position and organization culture. The compatibility between the candidate’s characteristics and those of the applied position results in success and wellbeing in the new job.


A person can grow to be excellent in areas where their strengths and motivations are; in areas which they have natural tendencies in. With potential assessments we help you identifying employee’s competences, underused potential and factors that support and prevent their success.

Why to use personnel assessment in recruitments?


Ensure the right hiring decision and make the comparison between the final candidates easier and more reliable


Minimize the risk for poor hiring decision


Get valuable information that helps in onboarding and leading the new employee


Make sure the the new person fits in your workplace culture


Support the new employee's commitment to the position by offering them an opportunity to learn if the job is a good fit for them


Offer the candidates an opportunity to learn about themselves and ways to use their full potential

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