We will help you in recruiting by taking care of the recruitment or headhunting from start to finish. Our efficient, flexible and candidate oriented recruitment process will support your employer brand and make sure you will find the most suitable candidate for your needs.


Recruiting is not easy. Even experienced recruiters might have a hard time in objective candidate evaluation and attracting the best candidates. We will make sure our recruitment process will reach the best candidates and leave a pleasant experience of our recruitment process and of your organization as an employer.


We provide end-to-end recruitments and headhunting services. Also, we provide flexible support for your recruitments based on your needs – you can trust any part of the recruitment process to us.

In end-to-end recruitment process, we will help you to prepare the job advertisement and select appropriate marketing channels. Our modern and user-friendly recruitment system supports your employer brand, and it is easy for the candidate to use.

In headhunting, we utilize different search strategies in order to find the best expert. With headhunting, we make sure that we also reach those potential candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but would be suitable for the position.


We also train our clients about themes related to recruitment. Our trainings support your organization´s recruitment expertise and provide tools for objective evaluation of candidates, recruitment interviews and modern recruitment practices. We are also happy to train about how to foster diversity and develop your employer brand. We tailor trainings to suit your needs – contact us, and let’s plan together the training for your company!


“When it comes to challenging recruitments, I trust IKIGAI. Despite the time that is spent on recruiting, succeeding is not always guaranteed. It´s cost-effective and reasonable to leave the sourcing and selection of potential candidates to professionals.

Sanni understands our needs easily and appropriately. Co-operation is smooth and I appreciate that she takes the responsibility. However, the most important part is trust and the quality of work! We have received high quality and I know, that Sanni will always do her best for our success. The results speak for themselves, and all our recruitments have been successful so there hasn´t been any poor hiring decisions. If I have questions regarding recruiting, I know who to call.”

Juha-Pekka Orava TietoAkseli.
Nelli Rovamaa Supermetrics.


“IKIGAI Assessment´s recruitment training was the perfect choice for our recruitment team. The content was well structured, and the topics were presented clearly and professionally. Lots of concrete advices left in mind, which we can utilize in our everyday work. I feel that I learned a lot new, especially about the objective candidate evaluation. I warmly recommend Ikigai’s recruitment trainings for all recruitment professionals or for those interested in the subject!”

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