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We help organizations build success on a sustainable basis.

IKIGAI Assessments perustajat


Ikigai Assessments is a company founded by curious, innovative, and forward-thinking psychologists.


We established our company to harness the power of industrial psychology in support of both growing, ambitious businesses. Simultaneously, the information we produce helps individuals pursue work that aligns with their ikigai. Working in the realm of one's ikigai makes success more effortless, increases happiness, and reduces the risk of burnout.

Ikigai assessment is both predictive and descriptive - based on the data we collect, the accuracy of Ikigai assessment is 4.8/5, according to hiring managers' evaluations.

IKIGAI Philosophy

Our Services

The Ikigai assessment

The Ikigai assessment accurately predicts a person's success in the applied position. The Ikigai assessment also benefits the candidate, by providing valuable, self-awareness deepening information, helping them to access their full potential.


Ikigai-Coaching is based on knowledge of occupational psychology, we utilize versatile and researched psychometric assessment methods in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the coaching. We coach both teams as well as individuals. 



As forerunners and trendsetters in the industry, we utilize the ikigai-philosophy to support both recruitment as well as individual and team development.


Our mission is to build success for client companies and individual employees on a sustainable basis by identifying the Ikigai of the individual and mirroring it to the client’s business as well as the requirements of the applied position. 
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Ambition and

We are ambitious and want to succeed in our work. We delve and commit into every project, all of our clients and candidates are equally important to us. We strive to be a client´s partner in the long-run instead of conducting single assessments.

Business orientation and agility

In today’s world there is intense competition for the best doers. We understand this and work in a dynamic, business-oriented, and rapid pace. We utilize the best technologies and test methods in the field, which ensure the quality and agility of our work. 

Sustainability and ethics

We solemnly commit to our work complying with the best practices for personnel assessment. All of our consultants are legalized psychologists, who own the understanding and compatibility needed for assessing personality and coaching. 


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