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Our team consists of psychologists who are specialized in personal assessments and coaching to support recruitment.


We serve our customers with an individual, flexible and business-oriented approach, acting as our customers' reliable partner.

Inka Rajaniemi-Malmberg

Co-founder, Lead Consultant, Business Psychologist

I am a psychologist oriented towards work and occupational psychology. My core competences include personnel assessments and coachings, among which I have been working for several years. My strength is a broad perspective into different working life phenomenons — I have been able to observe and regard the suitability of recruitments as well as themes related to a person’s motivation and behavior also through an occupational health psychologist point of view. 

My approach is business oriented and flexible. In my work, I am motivated by supporting companies and individuals through psychological knowledge. Especially situations where a person realizes something new about themself based on our conversations make my work meaningful.


Personnel assessments

Ikigai coaching 

Team coaching 

Development of teams 


Master of Arts (Psychology), Licenced psychologist (2017)

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (ongoing)

Certificate of psychological personnel assessment


Elina Suutarinen

Co-Founder, Lead Consultant, Business Psychologist

I am a psychologist specialized in working life phenomenons. I have focused on psychological assessments and modern recruitments for a large part of my career. In addition to these, I am passionate about work communities as well as individual coachings and themes related to occupational well-being.

My wide-ranging experience in positions ranging from a psychologist consultant, to an occupational health psychologist to HR and entrepreneurship have brought me extensive understanding and vision of working life phenomenons, different working cultures and businesses. I have received warm feedback especially about my flexible, customer oriented and analytical way of working — I dive deep into every project individualistically and carefully.


Personnel assessments 

Recruitment trainings

Team coaching


Master of Arts (Psychology), Licenced psychologist (2016)
Certificate of psychological personnel assessment


Mervi Puupponen

Lead Consultant, Business Psychologist

I am a psychologist specialized in occupational and organizational psychology. I have worked as an entrepreneur, manager, consultant, and psychologist, dealing with a variety of questions related to human behavior. My particular expertise lies in personnel assessments, recruitment, and coaching for key personnel.


The most rewarding aspect of my work is recognizing mutual fit through personnel assessments and supporting success through coaching. I find it especially inspiring to contribute to the development of companies and individuals towards more conscious and meaningful actions. My extensive experience as a psychologist in the business and occupational health field, as an entrepreneur, and as a people manager has developed my ability to identify and name various psychological phenomena and to see the essential. I enjoy encountering people, and recognizing the potential of individual.



Personnel assessments

Coaching of key personnel



Master of Arts (Psychology), Licenced psychologist
Certificate of psychological personnel assessment
ACC Coach

Ikigai Assessments  Mervi Puupponen

Lilli Sundvik


I am an experienced work and organizational psychologist and entrepreneur. I wrote my doctoral dissertation about factors influencing the objectivity of performance assessments. I am experienced in executive assessments and assessments in transformation situations.


I have worked as an entrepreneur at Cresco Oy for 20 years. After selling it to Opteam, and following Opteam's acquisition by Barona, I maintained as their Business Director. My particular expertise lies in the success of key personnel assessments and transformations for clients, where my extensive leadership experience and deep knowledge of work psychology contribute to success. 

Ikigai Assessments Lilli Sundvik

Emilia Ankkuri

Psychologist Consultant 

+358 50 337 2333

I am recently graduated psychologist. In terms of my working methods, I have been described as people-oriented but ambitious and able to achieve, which can partly be attributed to my years of competitive sports background.


As a psychologist, I am particularly interested in the application of psychological know-how in personal assessment in ways that increase the work well-being of the individual and the entire organization and help identify and utilize the potential of individuals.

Emilia Ankkuri

Emma Kotiranta


+358 50 551 9766

I am working as a coordinator at Ikigai while pursuing my master's degree in people management and organizational development. As a coordinator, my responsibilities include taking care of candidate experiences and ensuring the fluent execution of the assessments.


I am passionate about human-centered approaches and implementing them to achieve the best possible candidate experience. In my work, I get to utilize my interest in well-being and apply my skills from the perspective of business and organizational development.

Kotiranta Emma_edited.jpg

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