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We coach both teams and individuals, utilizing occupational psychological knowledge and versatile, well-researched psychometric evaluation methods. Our team coaching helps in building team collaboration and supporting the team’s ability to utilize their diverse strengths. Individual coaching is tailored specifically to best suit the person’s goals and wants.


In individual coaching, the focus is typically in strengthening self-knowledge, recognizing potential, and recognizing burdening tasks and situations. Working on possibly harmful reaction models and supporting work recovery can be focal points also. 


Even though coaching is not therapy, if needed, our legalized psychologists can utilize elements of acceptance and commitment therapy, which are proven by research to lower stress and increase resources. 


Coaching can be helpful even if the individual doesn’t experience any special challenges in their work. Thus, for managers and leaders for example, we work as outsider sparring partner who listen and can give psychological perspectives in difficult situations. 


The focal areas, goals, and length of coaching are customized to each situation and need. All of our coaches are leagalized psychologists who have understanding of both business and the human mind. 


In team coaching, we can for example dive into how tasks should be organized in a way that everyone’s strengths are best utilized. We can also discuss the group members´ different working and communication styles, which can sometimes cause misunderstandings between team members. We tailor the team coaching based on the current situation and needs of the team. 


Matti Vansén

Matti Vansén


BOWA Legal


"I took part in Ikigai-coaching, where the goal is to enable better use of potential and correspondingly reduce the burdensome elements of work with the help of psychological tools. My role as co-founder of a growth company is demanding and versatile - I have responsibility for both sales, personnel management, and the development of company business. Despite all enthusiasm, the daily life of a growth entrepreneur is sometimes stressful, so personal recovery and well-being become decisive in terms of achievable results in working and optimization of performance.


​As a psychologist, Inka was able to bring perspectives and make me realize things and observations that I myself had not thought of, even though I have reflected a lot on my own actions. With the help of psychological test methods and our conversations, my self-knowledge deepened, and I better understood the cause-and-effect relationships behind my ways of working and reacting. I also gained concrete insights into how to find psychologically sustainable and, above all, well-being-supporting solutions in my work life. These tips help me achieve better results without having to sacrifice personal well-being.


​It amazes me that companies are typically ready to sacrifice thousands of euros for expensive sales training, for example, but the services that support the personal development of the company's key personnel are those for which the budget is typically tight. I feel that coaching is a rather small investment in relation to the benefit one can get from it - I learned more about myself in a short time than ever before - the process developed me both as a person, as a team member, and as a leader."

Anne Valkama - Annika Miettinen.png

Anne Valkama

Head of Communications

Green Building Council


”Already in the first meeting, the psychologist of IKIGAI Assessments gave me concrete ways to take breaks from my work days and I understood how small breaks promote recovery from work as a whole. In the discussions, I benefited from the psychologist's sharp-eyed observations and gained new perspectives for example on how to act in exciting or challenging situations.”

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