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Ikigai personnel assessment gives deep and reliable information about an individual’s strengths and motivational factors in relations to the applied position and working culture. Using personnel assessment in recruitment ensures that you are making the best possible recruitment decision. 

Identify the most suitable candidate

Ikigai personnel assessment as a part of the recruitment process helps in identifying the most suitable candidate from the top runners. 


Multi-method personnel assessment is proved to be the best technique to predict a candidate’s work performance. 


The fit of the candidate is assessed at the level of the applied position as well as the organizational culture — we mirror the candidate´s strengths and motivational factors in relation to the position and organization. 


A proper fit will be evident in the employee’s wellbeing and profitable work performance, furthering the organization’s success as a whole.

A humane and individualistic approach

We conduct our personnel assessments in a humane way. We take into consideration both the business legalities of the client company and the needs, natural tendencies, and factors of occupational wellbeing of the individual, as we know that the wellbeing of a working community also enhances productivity. 


All of our candidates are treated in a humane and individualistic way, ensuring that the process of personnel assessment would be as smooth and agile as possible for them. 


Mira Vierto refe.jpg

Mira Vierto

Business Director


"We have been really satisfied with Ikigai's personnel assessment services and I wouldn't dare to recruit again without them. If anything, I'm going to give even more weight to assessment results going forward. You have exceptionally well grasped each different position and the special features of our field. We have also received enthusiastic feedback from the recruits about the assessments, which have also been useful for them.”


Tomi Halonen

Hopkins Oy


”We have utilized Ikigai´s personnel assessments in our consultant decisions for several years. We have always been able to trust IKIGAI´s consultants — they carefully dive deep into assignments, work in an organized manner, and carry out responsibility of their work from beginning to end. They aren’t overly dynamic fumblers in a way where things fall out of hands, nor are they boring bureaucrats, rather collaboration has been pleasant and smooth all over. 


As clients we have felt ourselves as important, not just one client in the midst of many others who are taken care of in passing. I can warmly recommend them, when in need of a high-class, reliable partner for recruitments.”

Näyttökuva 2023-4-18 kello 21.03.20.png

Alexander Doepel

Partner, Co-founder
Reagle Oy


”We have used IKIGAI´s personnel assessments to support our recruitments and have been extremely pleased with our collaboration. At Reagle, every recruitment is important and we want to ensure the fit of each person to our working culture. Through personnel assessment, we have gained valuable data and depth to support our recruitment decisions. IKIGAI´s consultants have understood the distinctive corporate culture of Reagle and the employees chosen through personnel assessment have been a great fit to our operating culture. 


IKIGAI´s operation has been agile and business-oriented — they understand that there is a great shortage of top talent and once a potential candidate has been found one needs to work rapidly.”

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