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IKIGAI Assessments

Ikigai refers to the fit between individual and his or her environment. People thrive at best in a job and organizational culture that fits their strengths and motivational factors.

Our experts

Our team consists of psychologists with strong backgrounds and expertise in the field of personnel assessment: during our career, we have conducted more than 1500 personnel assessments for different kinds of positions and organizations, in various industries.



As forerunners and trendsetters in the industry, we utilize the ikigai-philosophy to support both recruitments as well as individual and team development.


Our mission is to build success for client companies and individual employees on a sustainable basis by identifying the ikigai of the individual and mirroring it to the client’s business as well as the requirements of the applied position.

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Ambitiousness and dedication

We are ambitious and want to succeed in our work. We delve and commit into every project, all of our clients and candidates are equally important to us. 

Business-mindedness and agility

In today’s world there is intense competition for the best doers. We understand this and work in a dynamic, business-oriented, and rapid pace. We utilize the best technologies and test methods in the field which ensure the quality and agility of our work.  

Sustainability and ethics

We solemnly commit to our work complying with the best practices for personnel assessment. All of our consultants are legalized psychologists, who own the understanding and compatibility needed for assessing personality and coaching. 

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Contact us and let's plan a service that will best suit your needs!

Contact information

Inka Rajaniemi-Malmberg

Co-Founder, psychologist consultant

Elina Suutarinen

Co-Founder, psychologist consultant

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